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Totara Academy; Targeting learning using Audiences

Every user in your Totara system is an individual. But when you’ve got thousands of users, it’s not always practical to manage them that way. So, if you aren’t going to assign courses, programs, learning plans, competencies and performance activities individually, how are you going to do it? That’s where audiences come in.

With audiences, you can group your users based on information in their profile, or actions they have completed in the system. Then you can use these groups to take bulk actions in the system, such as enrolling a whole audience in a course, or showing a dashboard to everyone in an audience.

Within Totara you can also use Audiences to customise the navigation menu, set homepages for defined groups of users, control which courses are shown on the catalogue and lots more. When linked to your hierarchies this becomes very powerful.

This also links to multi-tenancy, a powerful new set of features introduced in the Totara TXP.

If you are new to Totara and want to learn how to use this essential function, which not only assigns learning but also drives reporting then take a few minutes to enrol and look at the Academy course by clicking here

You can sign up for the Academy courses here. It's free. It's unlimited. Your team can access training 24/7/365. When new team members come on board they can access training immediately to get up to speed. Why wait, register and get started today or get in touch for more information.

Learning Management. Solved.

Written with contribution from the team at Totara HQ. Find the original post on the Totara blog.



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