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Totara Academy; Creating Certifications

We often talk about learning as a journey; it isn’t just a one-off event. And it’s often a journey that you want to lead your learners on, building their knowledge and skills as you go. One way to build a learning journey in Totara Learn is using programs and certifications.

Programs bring together sets of courses and competencies that already exist in your site and structure them into a logical order. Different sets or individual courses can be revealed depending on prior learning, to create a personalised, adaptive learning journey for each user.

Certifications are similar, with the added benefit of allowing you to require learners to re-certify after a specific time period and they 'run out' after a period of time, meaning the learner has to re-certify. This is commonly used for compliance courses and links to Chambury's Dynamic Info Blocks that deliver enhanced compliance reporting.

This video is taken from the Totara Academy course -Programs and certifications. If you’d like to learn more about building programs and certifications you can also look at the online help documentation on this subject.

You can sign up for the Academy courses here. It's free. It's unlimited. Your team can access training 24/7/365. When new team members come on board they can access training immediately to get up to speed. Why wait, register and get started today or get in touch for more information.

Learning Management. Solved.

Written with contribution from the team at Totara HQ. Find the original post on the Totara blog.



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