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With our fully-managed services to host, maintain and integrate your LMS you don’t need to create extra work for your IT department; they only need to add your Totara web address to a ‘whitelist’ (of Trusted sites). 

We are audited and accredited to Cyber Essentials Plus meaning that you can trust that we meet UK public sector requirements ensuring that your data is in safe hands.

Cyber Essentials (PLUS) Badge (High Res)


We host and maintain your LMS in UK data centres and keep your system stable and patched with regular security updates. We can also add system developments behind the scenes easily and securely.

The key features of our hosting solutions include;

All data is stored in the UK. Guaranteed.

Backups stored at 2 levels; on server and remote location (in the UK).

99.9% uptime assurance.

Secure sites on dedicated virtual machines for data security.

High levels of physical security; perimeter, room and server.

Full HTTPS security to secure data between our server and your users.

Automated server monitoring with rapid action plans in the case of failure.

Easily upscale infrastructure to meet changes in usage.



With our maintenance package, we can look after your LMS for you, and manage this from within the UK. Our technicians manage the hosting requirements including servers, updates, patches, performance and maintenance.  


This provides you with a complete “Software as a Service” solution leaving you only responsible for network access to the intranet and /or internet for users to access the site.  

This service provides managed services for updates, patches, restore strategy and performance monitoring. It also includes personalised e-mail and telephone support for named administrators during UK office hours.

Our maintenance package includes;

Installation of SSL /TLS certificates to your domain to secure your data.

Automated incremental backup, on and off server.

Server maintenance of the OS, virus protection and Linux software updates

Automated monitoring of server with auto-alerts to our developers.

LMS software patches /updates to the latest stable release.

Regular reviews of security and performance.

Automated server monitoring with rapid action plans in the case of failure.

UK based support team work to secure and maintain your LMS.



If you are looking to facilitate single authentication for your LMS we can easily integrate your Totara or Moodle instance with the organisational  authentication systems including Active Directory, Azure, O365,. WordPress and more. 


This will allow your staff, when on your network, to access the site without the need to input their username or password by extending the user’s computer login to the LMS. 


When staff are ‘off network’ they can access the LMS on their personal computer, smartphone or tablet using their organisational user name and password, removing the need for them to remember another login and realising the LMS as an extended section of the organisational Intranet.


Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard for logging users into applications based on their sessions in another context. This single sign-on (SSO) login standard has significant advantages over logging in using a username and password:

  • No need to type in credentials

  • No need to remember and renew passwords

  • No weak passwords

Most organisations already know the identity of users because they are logged in to their Active Directory domain or intranet. It makes sense to use this information to log users in to other applications, such as web-based applications, and one of the more elegant ways of doing this is by using SAML or LDAP.

SAML is very powerful and flexible, and we work with you and your IT department to integrate Totara as required.



Customer support is our number 1 priority, making sure that you feel supported at all times.


Our core packages include onsite support every month, personalised e-mail support, 24/7 helpdesk access & UK based telephone support during UK office hours.  


We work with you to ensure that your needs are met, and that when you experience problems, help is at hand.

When your site administrators get stuck or need to know how to do something, we will make sure their support question goes to the most appropriate person in our team and be answered really quick. When you need a bit more than a ‘how do I’ we’ll meet with you on-line or on-site so you can follow the steps one by one to get to your goal. 


Your named Learning Consultant will meet with you regularly to effectively guide and develop with you a plan to move you forwards with your new learning management system. We will listen to your needs and goals and effectively guide you to achieving them. Your Learning Consultant will help turn your team into system experts in all aspects of the system.


As well as your on-site support days, a Senior Account Manager will meet with you to check on progress and work with your senior stakeholders to look at your ROI.


We believe in networking and sharing, so several times each year you will be invited to attend our free Customer Conference, Focus Groups and Administrator Workshops which have attendance from the many organisations we currently support to enrich your Totara experience.


We also put our customer administrators through the online Totara Academy training so you get the knowledge you need quickly and with accreditation and become deep system experts.

Totara carries an annual subscription payment that covers on-going core development and multi-level customer support. This also gives you access to the online Totara Community and Help portals.

All at no extra cost.

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