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Totara provides a native App that is focussed on consumable learning, and which is downloadable from both the iOS and Android app stores. The App is at no additional cost to Totara subscriptions.

Initially this will be focussed on and will provide learners with some core functions to enable mobile access on smartphones and tablets with an interface that creates simplicity and ease of use.

Many organisations using remote sites have poor internet access, meaning that leaners cannot complete online learning in their workplace and have to travel to use a networked complete. The App introduces offline SCORM access via the mobile device. Meaning that learners can undertake learning with no internet access, and once the device is returned it will synchronise the data back to the LMS and update the users learner record  and compliance. This will be available for all SCORM content uploaded to courses; however due to the nature, AICC links will only work when online.

Users will also be able to access mobile-friendly versions of course content without having to re-login.

Download it from the Apple and Android App Stores.


The App will provide a secure login, without the need to re-login frequently.

Access to relevant learning items, for example enrolled courses, required learning, programs and certifications that are incomplete and show a learners progress.

Importantly, the App will also enable push notifications that can be customised by local Administrators (in Learn) and pushed to learners to advise them of their required actions.   


Users will also be able to access mobile-friendly versions of course content without having to re-login including embedded content via web view within the App.

The App supports SAML and OAUTH authentication.

At additional cost the App can be themed to mirror your Totara Learn site, meaning that you can maintain the organisational identity and provide users with a dedicated organisational App in the App Store(s) to download and use. Where theming isn't important users will be able to download the core App, at no charge to the organisation, to their device(s).

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