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"Lift & Shift" your Totara site

... over the years we have helped existing subscribers move their from their current Totara partner to Chambury ...

Here at Chambury Learning, we are known for our excellent service, our expertise, and are recognised as a preferred supplier to the NHS and UK healthcare sector and organisations with heavy reliance on compliance training.

... we promise to continually develop our services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Sometimes contracts come to an end. Sometimes your project isn't moving forward as expected. Sometimes you feel like you are a little fish in a big pond and not getting adequate support. Sometimes you feel access to upgrades is difficult. Sometimes you know your site is outdated and your data security is vulnerable. Sometimes you want a learning partner and not just a supplier. Sometimes you just need it to be better.

One of the benefits you have from choosing Totara is the freedom to choose the partner that best suits your organisation’s needs. Chambury create an environment where our customers feel that they can be open and transparent, that they are being listened to ...

... ultimately making our customers feel that they are the most important part of the journey.

It's worrying to move; 'better the devil you know' and all that ....

Sometimes it's easier to stay where you are; you are on the playing field; it's kind of OK; the grass isn't always greener.

or is it ...?

We say; it can be greener; it can be better than OK; the playing field moves.

Chambury's Lift & Shift service can help

As a Platinum Alliance Partner, Chambury have migrated existing Totara installations from other providers with our award-winning support. Our Lift & Shift service provides you with; UK based hosting and maintenance; free upgrades; great customer service; quick responses; no hidden costs; all of the time.

In the words of one customer we migrated ...

"It went really well from our side. Certainly one of the smoothest migrations I can remember for some time! Thanks to you and the team for all your efforts. The new site looks great..."

Apart from core annual subscription and maintenance costs Chambury Lift & Shift incurs no additional costs.

... Lift & Shift is free

When migrating your Totara site to us, there will be zero migration costs, zero implementation fees and a free upgrade to the latest stable Totara version (at the time of writing our customers are on version 17.x).

Alongside this

You will have completely free access to the Adapt authoring tool to create as much online learning content as you want.


You'll get access to our core custom modules and compliance /reporting tools at zero cost.

Almost forgot.

You'll also get a full re-theme if you need it.


You'll be on the latest stable release, latest stack, with all the necessary and updated security for your data.

Might be more.

Don't forget to ask.

If you are able to bring your existing customisations and integrations we can also support these. In most cases we refactor the code to bring it up to the latest Totara version and our internal standards. In some cases we have completely rebuilt customisations to either replace the existing module, or enhance the functionality to meet your updated requirements. Furthermore, if you bring code with you, you'll still own the IP. There may be a small cost to refactor any code to include new features, but as a key supplier to public sector we keep these costs low because we know it's important.

All implementations include a named Learning Consultant, UK hosting & maintenance, free upgrades, unlimited administrative training, full system access, free access to customer conferences, workshops and focus groups.

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Learning Management. Solved.

UK based. Free upgrades. High customer service. Quick response. No hidden costs.

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