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Jaguar Land Rover boosts staff wellbeing with bespoke booking and LMS system by Totara

About Health Partners Group


Health Partners Group is a healthcare organisation that emphasises preventive care and patient-centred approach to provide comprehensive healthcare services to individuals and families. With a network of skilled healthcare professionals and facilities across various locations, they aim to improve patients’ health and well-being through tech-enabled, evidence-based approaches and personalised care.

The Challenge


Health Partners Group was contracted by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), one of their clients, to deliver Occupational Health services on site, a pioneering project in the UK. The project involved setting up 6 Health Care Wellbeing Centers across 4 manufacturing and 2 Head Office sites, staffed with physiologists and psychologists delivering courses to improve JLR staff well-being and aid in rehabilitation. To manage appointments, clinical data, notifications, and data reporting, the centres needed a secure booking system capable of accommodating both face-to-face and online appointments.

The Solution

Totara Partner Chambury Learning fulfilled Jaguar Land Rover‘s comprehensive list of requirements by creating a bespoke booking system and learning management system (LMS) based on their off-the-shelf product. The Totara solution included functionality and features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) for account creation, a bespoke HR update process, API feed to Gateway, seminar session report enhancements, optional suppression of notifications to line managers, SMS notifications, the capability to

record learning outcomes, and modifications to SSO and API processes.

Totara’s seminar enhancements provide an effective way for JLR to manage, track and deliver training sessions to their employees. Administrators can create and schedule sessions, invite attendees, and track attendance. Users can now register whether they’re attending during work time or their own time. The seminar functionality also allows for post-session evaluations and feedbackcollection, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of their training.

In addition, the LMS allows for custom blocks to validate email addresses and populate user and manager data automatically, while also enabling obstruction of data from line managers, and integration with Clickatell for SMS notifications.

The Results

By using the Totara system, Health Partners Group has saved a huge amount of time in admin processing due to Admin Teams having to only use one system to book appointments for their client’s staff. Not only can they now book group appointments, where before they couldn’t, they can also hold clinical data for staff who have not come through an Occupational Health pathway and have just come to the centre for improving their own wellbeing. It has given them the ability to promote people taking responsibility for their own health and be able to report on the difference they are making in people’s health through collecting clinical data.

The project was implemented in just 5 months from start to finish, resulting in 2,436 appointments booked in the past 6 months with 1,911 already attended. They have been able to reduce Non-Attendance rate to 11% from the previous 25% and they have been able to hold 307 self-enrolment appointments where they previously could not hold any.


Totara has delivered an easy-to-use, customer friendly, and detail-oriented system that has greatly enhanced our centre operations.

 Courtney Ratuszny,Project Manager, Health Partners Group

About Chambury Learning

We promise to continually develop our services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We take your requirements of a Learning Management System and support you into making your vision a reality.

All implementations include; a named Learning Consultant; UK hosting & maintenance; administrative training; deployment to your team. Also included is free access to customer conferences, workshops and focus groups.

Our extensive experience enables us to establish ourselves as a successful partner in your learning management project.

​Chambury Learning commits to providing a professional, customer-focused, single point of contact for Learning Management Systems advice and support, ultimately being recognised as an excellent service provider to our customers and preferred supplier to the NHS. 

We create an environment in which the customer feels that they can be open and transparent with their enquiry, that they are being listened to, making our customers feel that they are the most important part of the journey.​

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