• Richard Chambury

It's Christmas time. We want to help.

Each year Team Chambury send each customer a small Christmas present, it's usually a small Christmas wine hamper.

however, this year the team wanted to do something different ...

We have always supported our former colleague and the charity she has dedicated her career to. Sarah Jane was employed by Chambury right back when we started, and unfortunately this was also the time when her daughter sadly lost her battle with mental health issues and took her own life.

In memory of her daughter, Sarah Jane set up purquoise.uk and now works with Stockton and Middlesbrough Mind on special projects.

Purquoise.uk is inspired by Sarah Jane's daughter, Bobbie Black, who died aged 23 when she lost her battle with her mental health problems. Every 22nd October, the anniversary of her death, family and friends wear something purple or turquoise in memory of her. Throughout the year Purquoise manages events and activities to raise money to support mental health issues.

Supporting this initiative is very close to our hearts at Chambury and this is why we have donated the amount we would normally spend on wine hampers directly to the Purquoise Just Giving page.

You too can support mental health issues and contribute to this initiative by clicking here.

By donating to Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind, you will be helping people to access local mental health support when they need it to prevent unnecessary long term suffering. Donations will also help with on-going projects and activities, as well as funding services to those in need of support.

100% of all donations goes to Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind, which is a registered charity and relies on external donations and funding to deliver the services to local people in need.

Find out more at www.middlesbroughandstocktonmind.org.uk