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Updated: May 14, 2020

One of our healthcare clients moved to using the Totara LMS a few years ago. We were pivotal to that move. They were previously using an old and outdated LMS.

It was difficult for staff to navigate their previous LMS. Staff couldn’t easily find role specific /essential training. Mandatory training was hard to locate. If a user accessed mandatory training in the wrong screen it didn’t ‘count’ towards completion. Staff needed training to access training. It was hard.

The administrators found that the system gave them obstacles at every turn. It was really restrictive in terms of what it would allow them to do. They couldn’t even customise booking confirmations properly. A basic report would take over an hour to run.

An LMS should be simple to use. It wasn’t.

It shouldn’t require training. It did.

Support needs should be minimal. Everything should be found in one or two clicks after login. We lost count of the number of clicks !

Mandatory and essential training should be clearly visible and accessible – on the homepage. Nope.

It should look like the organisation. Mirror their Internet or Intranet site. Couldn’t customise it. At all.

Staff hate having to remember ‘another’ username and password so give them Single Sign On (SSO). Or at least an easy password reset. And they don’t want to feel like they are in a ‘system’.

They want it easy. They want it quick. So why shouldn’t it be?

They had enough and decided to move to a modern, up to date and highly configurable LMS. Totara LMS.

One of the areas we really focus on with our clients, and that Totara excels in, is usability. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the right functions are on the homepage for every member of staff.

We ensure different groups of staff get a relevant homepage and navigation menu – yes, different screens for different staff – why clutter the screen with the unnecessary?

We give all staff and their managers a compliance chart on their homepage for them and their team. With a drill down.

We keep it simple, with big buttons clearly labelled to direct staff, in one click, to what they need to do. Today.

The same client I mentioned above had over 78% of staff login in less than 6 months, without any training. They completed their training and appraisals online. Compliance has risen significantly. A recent external audit caused little headache in terms of data and reporting. The data was at their fingertips. They provide real time reports to any member of staff on their homepage whenever that user logs in. Simply.

If you are struggling to make your LMS work for your organisation why not get in touch. We can help.

Learning Management. Solved.

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