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What's new in Totara v14

Updated: May 26, 2021

Totara version 14 is almost upon us with a launch date of April 2021, but what will be included ...?

there are 232 features and improvements, some are brand new, other areas are minor that you may not notice. This results in 22 new features above v13.6 ...

Below is an overview of the new functionality that will be released as part of this update.

Further integration to Zoom and MS Teams to create corresponding events within the conferencing tool.

Declare interest on seminars to enabel users to register interest before course enrolment including notifications to inform users as events become averrable.

New attempt controls within SCORM, to control how a new attempt upon a retry is managed, including yes or no, or based on previous completion status.

Scheduled reports changes so that reports without data are not sent, or sent with a message to inform the user that the report has no data.

We are very happy that one of our custom features has now been included within a major version release; Masum's assignment report additions are now part of core meaning that assessors can work through a single list when marking assignments and providing feedback to learners.

Centralised notification centre which is highly anticipated. This initial release centralises all certification and programme notifications with core triggers, core text across certifications and programmes, and options for how they are sent including email, via the App, in system mailbox etc. Course notifications will be migrated to the new module from version 15. once set up centrally they can be customised and /or turned on/off within each certification or programme.

within Totara Perform there are many new changes including

Improvements to competency reporting including new reports to demonstrate achievements /ratings. Proficiency levels can also be set by job assignment meaning that people with different JAs, eg a senior HR mManager, who needs a higher level than an HR assistant can have different achievement paths within the same competency across job assignments.

Content review elements are being re-introduced and will enable you to bring 'snapshots' of competencies into activities including the ability for comments and ratings. This also includes the question re-display function within an activity from that or a different activity (form).

Learn professional will also launch as an entry level LMS with reduced features and could be that initial migration step from Moodle, or used for smaller organisations with more minimal requirements.

And finally within Engage there are a series of improvements around text processing, user profiles, and the inclusion of adding Audiences for sharing purposes.

The Totara Learn appraisal functionality will remain in Learn now until version 14. If you are using Learn appraisal at present this can remain in place until you are upgraded to version 15, which we anticipate will be in early 2022. Free trials of Perform are not affected and will continue.

Version 14 is due to launch next month when we will begin to test internally and also refactor our custom modules to streamline them within this new release. Check out the version 14 webinars on Totara Academy and download the factsheet below.

Totara 14 Info Sheet
Download PDF • 1.21MB


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