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Webinar: Creating a seamless interface to link the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) with Totara

The Electronic Staff Record (ESR) is an integrated HR and payroll system procured nationally by the UK government and is free to use for all NHS organisations.

Chambury Learning worked with NHS Employers and NHS Improvements along with the central ESR Integrations team to create an interface designed to transfer learning completions bi-directionally between the NHS ESR and Totara.

The link provides a series of benefits and time and cost savings for NHS Trusts who use Totara enabling;

  • Ensures that staff are not repeating unnecessary training which saves resources but also ensures that compliance/patient safety is maintained

  • Maintains and updates Totara Certifications upon completion of ESR Competency Achievements bi-directionally

  • Updates Totara profile fields with ESR data and promotes to permanent user accounts once hired

  • Enables inbound and outbound one-to-one and one-to-many relationship mappings between ESR Competences and Totara Certifications

In this webinar we go behind the scenes with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to understand how the interface has been developed.

We also learn how the interface is helping these organisations daily and the savings they are making.

This webinar took place on the 27th April 2022.

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