• Richard Chambury

Totara TXP Roadmap Update

The release of Totara Talent Experience Platform brought new products and technology to help manage learning and performance at scale. While we're always trying to bring new and improved experiences to our customers, fundamental parts of Totara which are valued the most also require attention to provide all the freedoms Totara stands for.

Coming soon in version 13;

Virtual Room Providers enables the ability to easily schedule and run virtual events within seminars. Zoom will be an available option in v13.4.

The roadmap for version 14 has been updated and includes;

Improvements to the training request workflows; new perform question types; centralised notifications; force delivery of notifications; additional accessibility enhancements.

Up next for development;

The ability to build custom workflows within the Totara product suite; additional Perform functionality; modernisation and improvements to Certifications and Programmes; a dedicated App for Totara and Microsoft Teams integration; integration to LinkedIn Learning; improvements to core system performance.

You can keep yourself up to date on the Community with some key areas highlighted below;
  • Read the updated factsheet about how Totara Perform can help boost workforce productivity

  • Read the updated factsheet about how Totara Engage can help engage, unite and up-skill your workforce

  • Learn how to take learning on the go with the mobile App in the Totara Academy

And don't forget to visit the Totara Help site to learn about the latest features with Totara Learn, including:
  • Seminar Resource Management Improvements

  • Seminar Attendance Tracking Improvements

  • MS Teams Virtual Classrooms integration

  • Multi-tenancy

  • New Audience Rulesets

  • TXP Catalogue

  • Graphical Reporting Templates

  • Configurable User Profile

  • Evidence Bank Improvements

  • Improving accessibility for key user workflows

  • Enabling the creation of accessible content

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