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Totara Academy; Managing SCORM / eLearning

Updated: Jan 4

Totara customers have unlimited access to the online Totara Academy which has over 80 learning modules that can be used by Administrators, Trainers and content providers to learn how to become expert users of Totara Lear, Perform and Engage.

today I want to show you the module about the core SCORM activity which has been recently updated

Totara's highly intuitive course building tools have a wide range of activity types, including rich interactive eLearning content using external authoring tools. The SCORM activity in Totara Learn allows you to add eLearning packages to your courses and configure how they appear. SCORM is a collection of specifications for packaging e-learning content in a standardised and portable way that can seamlessly integrate with learning management systems.

SCORM modules can sit alongside interactive H5P content, formal testing using the Quiz module and your internal resources such as supporting documentation, policies and guidance.

The SCORM module also enables you to embed AICC content, such as the eLearning for healthcare (eLfH) library that is available to all NHS Trusts so that users can seamlessly access this within your Totara site whilst still reporting from the content provider.

it's that flexible ..!

If you’d like to learn more about using SCORM packages with Totara Learn, you’re nearly in the right place. In the Totara Academy course, you’ll explore and practice how to:

  • Add a new SCORM activity

  • Review the SCORM settings on Totara Learn

  • Generate reports on SCORM activities

If you want to get started on this course in the Academy click here to access the course.

what do other's think ..?

If you want to know a bit more about other organisations who have already used SCORM packages we then check out our case study with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust here.

reporting on SCORM activities

One of the advantages of integrating SCORM activities with Totara Learn is that your administrators and trainers can see how their learners are performing and report on progress and completions. Chambury enhance this functionality to provide audit tools linked to SCORM outcomes helping to protect the organisation in the case of investigation.

Course Managers can view reports for each SCORM activity as well as accessing reports at the site-wide level to have an overview as to how learners are interacting with all the SCORM activities set up in the system.

These videos have been taken from the online Totara Academy which you can find out more about here, if you are already a member of Academy then click here to access the course itself.

creating responsive content using Adapt

All Chambury customers have free access to our Adapt which is a SCORM authoring tool delivering

HTML5 content that works on any device. Using Adapt, our customers create and manage unlimited SCORM content enabling you to deploy learning resources rapidly to your learners. Adapt is simple to use and provides a flexible toolkit. If you are already a Chambury customer and don't yet have access just get in touch with the Support team and they'll get you a login and access to guides.

If you’d like to see how we create SCORM modules using the Adapt authoring tool you can watch Totara's webinar on demand below.

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