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Totara Academy; Managing Hierarchies

In a Talent Experience Platform, the content you need to access is often dependent on your role, sub-organisation, or geographical location. This is especially important when you need detailed compliance reporting and data analysis from your performance and learning management system(s). Many of Chambury's Dynamic Info Blocks use Totara's organisational and positional hierarchies to enable real time dynamic reporting across URPs.

Having this information readily available in the TXP also allows you to automate learning and performance activities and determine audience membership. This can be used to personalise your site to a user’s needs.

in Totara, this is where hierarchies come in ...

Hierarchies are used to map out the structure of your positions (the types of roles people do) and your organisations (such as regions, offices or departments). Essentially, the structure of what people do and where they do it.

Totara's HR Import functionality allows you to easily update and manage your hierarchies

Watch this video which looks at creating a position hierarchy. The steps are the same for adding organisation hierarchies and competence frameworks as well.

There are detailed steps on the Totara Help site that you can also use for;

Academy is unlimited. Free. Simple to access. Available 24/7/365

There are over 80 modules available within Academy, covering basic user management, to setting up courses, how to add SCORMs, create formal tests. There are predefined learning programmes which form introductory programmes and once you enrol they act as valuable resources moving forward. You can sign up for the Academy courses here. It's free. It's unlimited. Your team can access training 24/7/365. When new team members come on board they can access training immediately to get up to speed. Why wait, register and get started today or get in touch for more information.

Learning Management. Solved.

#ChamburyLS #totaralearning #LMS #totaraacedemy Written with contribution from the team at Totara HQ. Find the original post on the Totara blog.



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