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Totara Academy & Community

When you procure the Totara Talent Experience Platform your administrators will need to be trained in how to use their shiny new LMS. Post deployment, when new versions are released or you develop you use of the core features, your administrators and trainers may need some additional training.

Up-skill with the Totara Academy

Totara Academy has been designed for learning and development professionals, particularly LMS administrators, content creators and trainers. It comprises a comprehensive programme of activities to up-skill you and your team.

This helps you get the most out of your Totara product investment and because it’s fully certified, your team members will acquire valuable accreditation that will support them to use Totara, and the organisation with ROI.

You can sign up for the Academy courses here. It's free. It's unlimited. Your team can access training 24/7/365. When new team members come on board they can access training immediately to get up to speed.

It's free. Simple to access. Available 24/7/365

There are over 80 modules available within Academy, covering basic user management, to setting up courses, how to add SCORMs, create formal tests. There are predefined learning programmes which form introductory courses.

Modules are short, providing detailed learning resources about the areas you need to understand. Key topics include;

When new versions are released Totara HQ update the catalogue with new modules to up-skill your team with the knowledge and skill to use the new functionality.

HELP.totaralearning.com is a comprehensive online user-guide

HELP.totaralearning.com covers all core functionality, with step by step guides, video presentations and is fully searchable meaning that when you need to know how to do something in Totara help is at hand within minutes.

There are also a wide range of pre-recorded webinars that offer demonstrations of core features, introduced new versions and showcase aspects of the Totara TXP modules.

Academy forms part of the Totara Community

The Totara Community provides an online environment, available again 24/7//365 where users from across the world discuss how they use Totara sharing best practice and tips, where they ask questions to each other and get advice direct from Totara HQ.

There are sector specific forums including healthcare, government, retail and other sectors.

Product specific discussions can be had along with dedicated areas allowing you to suggest new features for Learn, Perform and Engage.

Detailed release notes are also available alerting you to patch updates, bug fixes and new features. A separate area is available for the mobile App.

ChamburyLS also offer a dedicated online community for our customers, combined with our regular Customer Conferences, administrator classroom training when exciting new features are released and targeted webinars. We provide video based training to administrators and for our enhanced modules short video guides to help you move forward.

All in all with Totara your training needs are totally catered for with a variety of different programmes and methods to suit varying learning styles.

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