• Richard Chambury

"...the new Nursing Times LMS looks great ..."

6 April 2020. 8am. Go Live.

The new Nursing Times LMS looks great, even if we do say ourselves.


We aren't the only one saying it.

"I gave our corporate sales team a tour round the site yesterday and they were very excited about it - they said it looks great and is a vast improvement on the previous system."

Practice & Learning Editor, Nursing Times

We were introduced to Nursing Times though an existing customer after they met with NT regarding a corporate subscription. NT were using Totara previously but felt their site was slow, wasn't as up to date as it could be, wanted a new approach, and needed to show the site more love for their members.

We first met their team in early 2020, getting agreement in the February to move forward, and launched the new site first week of April 2020. 8 weeks to the day.

Part of the deployment was a key focus on the NMC Revalidation portfolio for their members. Whilst we already have a Revalidation toolkit used by many of our NHS customers, we completely refactored the module to provide increased functionality, Dynamic Info Blocks and customised RAG reporting so that individuals and their managers can track their progress simply and to check if they are on track. And to show them if not, why not.

"It seemed to go really well from our side. Certainly one of the smoothest migrations I can remember for some time! Thanks to you and the team for all your efforts. The new site looks great..."

Chief Technology Officer. Emap Publishing Ltd

All in all a successful migration of their Totara Learn site to Chambury Learning Solutions.

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