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Live Webinar; linking the NHS ESR and Totara Learn

Updated: Apr 12

At Chambury Learning we support many NHS organisations who have identified and implemented the Totara Learn LMS to manage their training and compliance reporting.

With increasing pressure on budgets, NHS England and NHS Improvement have been working with suppliers to support organisations to reduce costs, improve workforce planning and empower NHS employees to take ownership of their data.

The ESR CSTF interface promotes standardisation of training, and reduces both the time and costs associated with repeated training that occurs when staff move around NHS Trusts.

On Wednesday 27 April 2022 @ 3PM join representatives from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Trusts to learn more about their experiences with the bi-directional CSTF interface and the advantages this now delivers to their Trusts.

York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust estimate that the interface saves over 500 days training per year ..!

The webinar will be facilitated by;

  • Rob Bloor, LMS Manager, from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

  • Steph Wild, LMS Manager, from York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals

  • and Richard from Chambury Learning

why was the interface created ..?

Many Trusts use third party learning management systems such as Totara. It has been acknowledged by NHS England that the training data held by these Trusts should be included in any interfaces and support the streamlining programme.

Working with key suppliers, including NHS England, NHS Improvement and the central NHS ESR systems integration team, Chambury Learning has developed the bi-directional Totara CSTF interface which allows employers to recognise the associated training to a national standard, trust the information and reduce duplication of training.

Chambury Learning worked with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to build and test the integration via the Proof of Concept and Pilot implementations and further refined this with York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This has led the way for Chambury Learning's other NHS Totara customers to implement and take advantage of the interface.

the interface is now live for Chambury Learning's NHS Totara customers

Whilst the interface with ESR facilitates data migration for a variety of HR processes, the interface also facilitates the onboarding of existing employees as they move between NHS Trusts. This enables seamless movement of core learning records between organisations and improves onboarding processes.

Further, once training outcome data is transferred bi-directionally between ESR and Totara, this integrates into the backend ESR IAT processes to allow movement of data across NHS Trusts. Meaning that if an employee works across multiple Trusts, the data synchronises within 24 hours to avoid retraining at neighbouring organisations.

The interface also transfers applicant records for users who are new to the NHS, providing additional advantages for onboarding and induction training.

Ultimately this means that all new employees can start work on 'day one'; avoiding repetition of costly CSTF training where employees already demonstrate compliance and allowing pre-employment training to take place prior to agreed start dates.

ensuring that NHS staff are CSTF compliant to deliver patient care.

Register for the webinar on the 27 April 2022
where can i get more information

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