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Home working - week 9 - activity time

It's been a busy few weeks at Team Chambury. The lockdown has given us time to concentrate on things we usually don't get time for. Helpdesk tickets are down. Custom developments are up; we'll be launching some new ChamburyLS custom plugins in the next few months and with Totara version 13 due in October this time will all too quick disappear.

We have an ethos in the office that it's about getting the job done, exceeding customer expectations, constantly striving to be better.

We'll get back to some CLS Connect customer stories next week, but in the meantime ...

... what are Team Chambury doing to relax and keep occupied alongside work ..?

In this morning's Huddle I asked the team to tell me what they've been up to to keep sane and chilled during the lockdown. Here's what they told me ...

It seems we have a couple of wine and gin enthusiasts, trying new flavours and brands. They exchange their taste experiences, get new bottles delivered and are generally enjoying their booze ..?!

Alongside that, at least two of us are home schooling the kids. Mine have regular contact from the school who [gladly] keep their online classrooms updated with new activities. My younger son got a Star award from the local primary school last week for all his efforts, and my elder son at secondary school had a call from one of the teachers expressing how impressed she was with him being up to date. They work each morning before taking the dogs out and then heading to the X Box.

It seems we also have a budding astronomer in the team

She is learning about the magic of the moon, lunar living and how the moon can impact on our well-being. She has also taken up a bit of flower arranging.

We have a couple of the team learning new activities. One is learning the piano, another Yoga.

Both are also reading a lot to keep busy.

Neither have gardens so getting outside for walks is also key for them to get some fresh air and exercise.

A couple of the guys are well into their Netflix and More 4 binges.

Resurrection; Ertugrul has been highly recommended, alongside lighter series like Dead to Me, Catastrophe, Gameface, White Lines and Crashing to name a few. The YouTube Friday night musicals are also going down well (with those previously mentioned gasses of wine).

Gaming is also on the forefront.

Dawn of Man, Jurassic World Evolution and Animal Crossing are all simulation games which seem popular, alongside action games like Marvel's Spiderman. One of the team is into Warhammer games, has become active in the online community and is also painting the figures that form part of the game.

We also play some games on our daily Team calls. Last week it was 'two truths, one lie' which went down well.

Everyone is missing seeing their family and friends, so video chats have become popular.

And me?

I've been building. Anyone who knows me knows I like to build stuff; whether it be Lego with the kids or scratch building models.

In the last few weeks we've gained a pirate ship and a TARDIS.

The bedroom and downstairs loo have also been given new coats of paint.

And we have 3 birthdays this week so Rebecca is planning some online activities to keep the party spirit up. Exciting.

What have you been up to ..?

Learning Management. Solved.



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