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Etex's Totara Learn comes to the rescue during isolation

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Etex Building and Performance have several plants [producing plasterboard for the building industry] across the UK. With the government lockdown and Etex's internal response to Covid19 they had to close down the all plant stations, and temporarily furlough the majority of their staff.

This action left staff feeling confused, in need of reassurance and requiring frequent communication from head office. Staff members who are furloughed can still access training, help from the employer, documentation, internal news and updates etc.

This is where Totara came in.

Etex have been using Totara as their LMS for the past 3 years, and it is the only system in the business that is available to all staff outside of the internal network.

Etex's Totara based 'Learning Hub' has been re-christened as the ...

Learning & Communication Hub

Previously all employees accessed the site through direct integration with MicroSoft O365, which was accessible on and off network. To avoid any forgotten password issues, and to allow users to reset passwords independent of O365, all the factory worker logins were reset to manual so they can access the site on their personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

The LMS was given a rapid overhaul with the help of the ChamburyLS Team.

The site homepage dashboards were redesigned with a two simple buttons. The first directs staff to the training homepage, the second to the new communication homepage with several sub-sections;

The Latest News & Information page has weekly 'corona updates' including messages from their CEO.

A new Feel Good area features stories that staff members send in from home, exercising & sleep advice, and links to quizzes & puzzles.

There is also a Chat Box allows everyone to join and chat in a forum to help staff remain and feel connected during this difficult time.

Finally, there is also a Manager Guidance section just managers can see to explain furlough the pay along with stats about their team members.

The results speak for themselves. Etex employs less than 500 staff in the UK, with staff completing an average of 3 courses per month during the lockdown period. A true reflection of staff engagement.

During this time, adapting Totara to be used in this way is allowing staff to remain connected with their employer, have direct access to the latest news and updates from senior management, and access business resources. It also provides security to those staff that the company is invested in them and that furloughed doesn't mean forgotten.

A great approach and well done to Etex and how they are supporting their staff.

Read the full case study here

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