• Richard Chambury

Elysium Healthcare gets a 'Special Mention' at the Totara Awards 2020

Elysium Healthcare's case study was submitted to the Totara Best Healthcare Project Awards for 2020. Whilst Elysium didn't win the overall award (which went to The Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) who are the primary centre for research, control and technical scientific advice on public health in Italy) they did receive a 'Special Mention' for their great story which recognises the extended use of their Totara based LMS; fondly known as 'MEL' within the organisation.

Working with Chambury on the design elements, and Practical Change Partners to support them in building and delivering a new learning strategy, this put Totara at the heart of their plans for a future proof learning framework that would enable a one stop shop for all things learning, development and careers.

The result is an engaging Totora Learning platform that employees can access. Anytime. Anywhere. Any-device.

Find out more in the full case study available here.

You can watch the award ceremony below, with Elysium's Special mention at 9 minutes 46 seconds.

Enjoy ..!

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