Elysium's LMS migrated and deployed in a few days

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

In 2017, Elysium was faced with having to identify a new Learning Management System provider. Their existing LMS felt outdated and didn’t reflect the Elysium brand. They wanted a site that looked like it had been designed ‘ground up’ for them, that reflected the organisation, and was designed around ease of access for their staff.

After researching their options their IT department identified Totara Learn as the most appropriate LMS to meet their needs. After selecting Totara Learn as the new LMS, they then looked to Chambury Learning Solutions for deployment.

Once the migration date was agreed Chambury Learning Solutions started work. Design work was completed and approved in advance, and the site was migrated over a single weekend releasing back to the training team at lunchtime on the Monday afternoon; just 2 ½ days after the old system was closed down.

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