Managing Nurse & Midwife Revalidation

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Nursing and Midwife revalidation can be easy. Easy for the organisation. Easy for your staff. Easy for you.

Are you interested in providing NMC revalidation tools for your nursing and midwifery staff? Are you keen to assure your board that you’re doing all that is necessary to make sure your clinical staff are practicing safely?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are probably responsible for, or involved with the rollout of Nursing Revalidation within your organisation.

We have been working closely with our NHS partner organisations who are using technology to streamline the new NMC revalidation process. Like you, they want to make the process simple for their nursing and midwifery staff to use, enable those staff to request and reflect on feedback with their peers and service users and have easy access to the tools they need to ensure their staff can revalidate effectively on time.

Our simple to use and low cost solution put the tools in your and your nursing and midwifery staff hands including;

Customisable Homepage

The homepage is completely customisable to meet your organisational requirements. The example above has the NMC twitter feed, a video from the RCNi website embedded from YouTube, another video from Youtube this time from the NMC, links to key documents and a range of 'buttons' designed specifically for that customer with the links they want to the various aspects of the plugin. This page can look exactly as you want it to, meeting your organisational branding and operational requirements.

Full Record of Learning

There is a comprehensive record of learning which shows users all of their completed training: past and future course bookings, e-Learning history, uploaded evidence and mandatory training compliance. Each can be reviewed simply, quickly and downloaded for submission when necessary.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Reflective Account record logs

It’s easy for your staff to record their CPD hours and reflective accounts with our system. They just login, click a link on the homepage, and fill in a form that asks them some basic questions including a description of the activity, the date, and the time spent. Simple! As with all the system functions, they can easily download a log of this for their paper portfolio (yes, many staff still like paper!) and for submission to the NMC.

Evidence Collation

You don’t need a separate ePortfolio. Our system has the tools built in to allow a user to collate different types of evidence, include file uploads, links to webpages, free text descriptions [and more!]. You can even build in evidence assessment if you need to.


With the feedback module you can design custom forms for your staff to use, both with internal and external recipients. The form(s) can reflect internal and /or external templates, and be sent to internal and /or external users. The process is really simple:

  • Design the forms you want your staff to be able to use (you can have different forms for different staff if you like!)

  • Users just enter the email address of whoever they want to send the feedback form to. This can be a colleague or a service user!

  • Staff can then access reports to view and download their responses.


There are multiple ways to remind your staff to revalidate. Using a mix of on screen prompts and custom email notifications, you can easily remind staff to complete the process. You can also link it to an appraisal process, so the registrant can use evidence they have created for appraisal towards revalidation. Or keep it completely separate – your decision!

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