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People are different. That makes your business different.


So why do most performance management systems shoehorn you into their way of doing things?  Totara Perform brings together the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback, continuous and traditional performance management practices.

Totara Perform is hugely flexible so you can tailor your performance management processes to match your business needs. As those needs evolve, changes can be implemented quickly, keeping you firmly on the path to continuous business improvement.

A shared perspective is a powerful motivational force. Align expectations between staff and managers by enhancing traditional appraisals with regular check-ins, 360 Feedback and other continuous performance management activities.

Visual, intuitive performance monitoring prompts positive action.

Totara Perform’s powerful graphical reporting means you can quickly tell what’s working, provide support where it’s needed and identify your top performers. With real-time data capture, performance conversations become more meaningful, timely, and action oriented.

All the tools you need to nurture a high-performance culture


Flexible support for traditional and continuous performance management practices. Built on a robust, enterprise-ready platform. Seamless integration with Totara Learn and Totara Engage.


Competencies allow the organisation to track progress towards proficiency, identify gaps and define development opportunities.

Evidence enables learners to capture proof of real-world achievement when it happens.

Goals providing support for performance objectives, behaviours, key performance indicators (KPIs), and /or SMART objectives which can be applied at the group or individual level.

Check-ins record regular conversations with managers and mentors for shorter feedback loops.

360 Feedback processes allow balance self-evaluation with input from peers, team members, supervisors and more.

Appraisal incorporates all these along with learning outcomes integrated into one form that the end user and their manger / appraiser can use to create a structured integrated performance cycle with support for multiple job roles and multiple managers.

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